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Is It Spring Yet?

Happy Monday! I know everyone is waiting for Spring... but if you live in the Northeast like me, you might be wondering when it's coming with all this snow. Don't worry though, it will be here soon!

Let me help you get ready for the beautiful weather of short sleeves or none, shorts and mini-skirts, (let's not forget bathing suit time is right around the corner!) with some amazing products from Aunt D's Naturally Crafted! Chose from luscious body butters to make your skin soft; delightful sugar and salt scrubs to get rid of that dead winter skin; and don't forget to be ready for those nasty ticks and mosquitoes... they'll be heading your way as soon as the weather gets nice. Why use that nasty chemical stuff? Don't we breath in enough toxins as it is? Find the beauty of putting nature on yourself!

Feel free to use the above coupon for 15% off your purchase at to get some great 'Wholesome Goodness' and get yourself ready for when that sun finally does shine!

Until then... Stay Natural!

Aunt D

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