Image by MUILLU

Let Us Introduce Our Artist

D. Backman is addicted to Creating! 

Whether it is a drawing, painting, or repurposed piece for your home, it is what she loves to do! 

She has showcased her work in shows from Greenport, NY to Soho.

She has freelanced as an Artist for over 20 years, from portrait paintings to murals to taking something old and recreating it into something new and functional, and one of her

newest creations of Aunt D's  Naturally Crafted products for the Body and Home. 

Hey, art is about creating good feelings and it shouldn't stop at the canvas. 

She always says her biggest enjoyment is the moment her clients see

the final piece they hired her to create for them. 

When she is not creating for someone else, she is in her studio letting the art flow.

As we got to know her more, we knew we had to create a space

for the masses to enjoy her creative works. 

Thus, the birth of Art Maven Boutique!

The name seemed so fitting as Art is the creation of beautiful things,

while Maven stands for someone who is dazzlingly skilled in any field. 

As we grow, we hope to bring  the works of many more dazzlingly skilled Artists!

About the Boutique

 At Art Maven Boutique, We are offering the art created by our artist in different forms. 

You will find greeting cards to send someone a little note, prints, t-shirts, mugs,

and phone cases, the possibilities are endless.

If you are looking for that different kind of gift that

you can' t find anywhere else, you will find it here. 

Plus, we will be adding new items all the time, and introducing new artists as we grow!

Now for sale at Art Maven Boutique, The first of Denise's children's book series

called The True Fictional Stories.  Where you get to decide if the story is true or fiction. 

Don't worry, her book will only keep you in a little suspense

as the answer will always be at the end!


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